viernes, 11 de octubre de 2013

uwakimono ‘s first “uwaki partner” is tamurapan

The first collaboration artist partner for SuG front-man Takeru’s solo project, “uwakimono” has been confirmed to be tamurapan.

SuG has recently just announced their comeback with an upcoming one-man live at Yoyogi National Stadium Second Gymnasium on December 29, during their guerrilla live in Harajuku recently. This “uwakimono” project is based on the concept of Takeru’s “uwaki” (meaning “cheating on” in Japanese) on SuG, collaborating with various creators and entertainers and painting an image of one night in Tokyo through one mini-album.

The title for the song written by the first of these chosen collaboration artists, tamurapan, is called “96”. As the last track to draw an image of a night in Tokyo, the strongly pop-associated artist betrays listeners’ expectations in a good way, with a finished track that radiates with a downbeat melody and a mysterious tune. Also, since the track was co-produced by both artists, their individual feelings and views are expressed and worth noting throughout the lyrics.

Both artists have the tendency to not only compose and write their songs, but also share a common ground in going as far as designing the artwork; this collaboration came about from their already-existent friendship, which had grown from shared appearances in media and live events in the past.

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