viernes, 18 de julio de 2014

This page won't be updated anymore but you can join ♫ SuG FANCLUB ♫ group at facebook where you can find papicoz all over the world. Read the rules and enjoy it!!

Important please "USE ENGLISH LANGUAGE"
-These are the rules for SuG Fanclub-
  • Troublemakers, people who make comments to attack any member or the band, people who do not respect the rest of the fans or the full band will be removed without previous advice.
  • Any unrelated post will be deleted by the admins without advice.
  • Any post that is NOT IN ENGLISH will be removed by the admins and warnings will be given.
  • The continuing breach of rules will merit the member to be permanently banned and removed from the club without previous advice.

*Mutual respect, equality, understanding, between members of the group, are very cherished values in SuG Fanclub.
*The haughtiness, abuse, discrimination, or any act that harms others is grounds for permanently removal.
*Haters, racist or self-worshiping are not welcome in this group.

These rules have been imposed and modified according to acts that have already occurred at the fanclub before. They are not whims of administrators. 
Our work as moderators is to keep all group members feel safe and respected.

Now enjoy it and SUPPORT SuG FOREVER!!
~ From the SuG fanclub admins ~
*Any questions or suggestions please contact the moderators*