sábado, 26 de octubre de 2013

SuG - 浮 気 者 (Uwakimono) / 「I 狂 U」 - Release the MV and selling on iTunes

It has been uploaded in the SuG official channel on Youtube a video interview where Takeru is talking about the details of 「I 狂 U」, his first solo album. Among other things, notes that songs will be on sale on iTunes.
To know more:

DATA 「I 狂 U」

1. The music video (MV- videoclip) will be released in Youtube 11/02/2013

2. The songs from the solo album will be on sale on iTunes on 11/06/2013

3. The album will be released on 11/20/2013

During the interview, Takeru also spoke about the different  colaborators of the album. Also he has said he will continue studying English because he loves to communicate with their fans worldwide.

*Fuente Español: SuG - Spain blog