miércoles, 7 de agosto de 2013

News about Yuji

Between such uncertainty arise occasionally some news about SuG members that we receive with pleasantness. Yuji, of whoever we didn't know anything so far, has come back. Days ago, Shinpei announced on his Twitter account that Yuji  will be one of the support guitarists this September 16 in the session band called SIC-666-  in Harajuku Astro Hall at the event entitled "Ken's one month belated birthday live"

Gu.yuji/SuG (!!!)

We knew little about him so far unlike the rest of the members who do some appearance on their social networks, magazines and interviews. This August we reached the eighth month without our favorite band and the news about them are more scarce every time.

*From -SuG Spain Blog- (Spanish publication)*
*Source: SuG Russian Fan Community @VK*

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