martes, 13 de agosto de 2013

News about Chiyu

Chiyu will perform as guest artist/band on Osaka BIG CAT on August 17th 2013 with his session band h rockerz. As we can see on the session description, Chiyu will play the bass as usual, but the singular in this session is the fact that besides being the bassist he will be the vocalist!

Main featured bands that will perform at Big Cat on August 17
. Sadie
. awoi
Guest bands:
. Gargoyle
. h rockerZ
CHIYU session band members:
. Vo./Ba. CHIYU
. Gt(s). Tsukasa (Microhead 4n's (?) / Mizuki (Sadie)
. Dr. Ryo (Awoi)

Info taken from Mizuki's Twitter account 

*Source: JuLzkhiro Yagami to SuG Fanclub @facebook*