domingo, 7 de abril de 2013

SuG Takeru-New Images in Twitter (04/07/2013)

 Takeru (@butterflyboy69) has used this weekend his new Twitter account to share his experiences to his followers in a new city. He is in USA from late March and he has said, it is to improve their English.

If we remember, Takeru went on a trip to Los Angeles in January just after the hiatus.

As he posted in Twitter, he leverages the Starbucks Wi-Fi to connect . He says he has had a good experience sleeping on a bench next to the beach and next to a luxury cafe (said it with humor).He also show us in his photos his new wallet and a night party in a 30 stories high skyscraper.

He also wanted we to remember that his birthday is celebrated at the special event entitled 『birthday SCREAM party!!』 where he will act under the                                                                     nickname of Butterfly Boy.

 Sleeping next to a cafe and a beach. 

 At a party in a 30-story high building and his new wallet. 

Si quieres leer la version en Español dirigete a SuG Spain Blog
(SuG Spain Blog is the original creator of this info, this is only an english Version of his post)